Processes that make sense

We keep things simple, think fast and design rapidly. We test everything we design & deploy a continuous learning framework. We begin with a 3 day workshop, and after the first 2 weeks, we are already ready with a first cut of the project. We avoid doing reports, long meetings and employ visual aids in the form of sketches, mockups and napkin drawings to convey & communicate. We are not big fans of "industry standard" practices if they don't yield results. Learn more about our process below.

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We begin at the center and work outwords

Every project begins with a 3 day intense workshop that we conduct to align with the product vision, understand risks & opportunities and gauge the mutual compatibility of the teams.


Collaborating to get to the bottom of things

Once the project is off, we like to make sure we use all the tools necessary to collaborate effectively & efficiently. We use Miro to brainstorm and ideate remotely, a wall full of whiteboards to brainstorm in-house, Slack for communications, Notion to manage everything from tasks, wiki and documentation, Maze for user-testing and occasionally email to agree upon important things. That said, we are always in the look out for better tools and systems to improve our collaboration workflows


Creating tangible artifacts fast

As we talk through the ideation, we get right into designing the high level navigation for the product. We avoid doing wireframes and rather employ low-key sketches, Miro boards, white-board drawings to discuss and agree upon the key elements like navigation and layouts. This step is executed pretty fast - beginning at the 2nd or the 3rd meeting - always focussed on visual assets to communicate and get to bottom of the problem.

designing the most promising IDEAS

Designing and Prototyping

Once the navigation is set-up and the most important userflows mapped, we get to the stage of rapidly creating design prototype to simulate the final product. Within the end of second or third week, we already have a base version of the product ready with the most important modules setup. Time to test it.


User testing & Iterating quickly

At Metastate, nothing gets implemented without a minimum of one round of user testing. Whether it is module-wise testing or a high level navigational testing, we ensure we allot a day in the week to test our assumptions with real users to gain necessary insights to iterate quickly before finalising on the V 1.0 of the product


Development & Deployment

We employ the best and happening technology stack to bring the designs to life - ensuring a future proof and scalable infrastructure. For Websites, we've been encouraging our customers to use Webflow - we have been one of the earliest adopters of the technology.

All of this done in weeks, not months or quarters

We are

We understand products as we also build and ship our own products in-house.

Research is not a phase

We treat research the way it was meant to be treated - realistically. For us, research isn't a phase. It happens continuously while ideating, designing, testing and of course, when taking feedback.


Continuous delivery

All the steps we take, research we do and the elements we create emerge out of our key foundational principle to improve the product continuously.


Focussed on end-end collaboration

We believe great products are built by great teams. As a part of our process, we make sure that both teams add as much value to the end goal via consistent and effective collaboration


More control to avoid errors

As the delivery is continuous, the errors tend to surface sooner, giving us a bird's eye view of problems to overcome.


Easy to accommodate for delays

Each module is much less effected by the delays in others as they enjoy a healthy level of freedom.


Roadmaps remain relevant

Unlike a linear model, where delays tend to derail roadmaps, under our process, roadmaps act as our guide posts and will remain so through the course of the project without getting much effected by project delays.

Process problems we solved

More Control

More control on the timeline and execution as results are seen every week

Vision alignment

Everyone is aligned to the vision before the project begins owing to the 3-Day workshop.

No ambiguity

No ambiguity in the results as the direction is set early on.

Mitigates the risk of expensive pivots

Continual delivery model mitigates the risk of expensive pivots later on in the product cycle.

5x faster innovation

Faster delivery, fast feedback and lesser errors means room for 5x faster innovation

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